When her distressed younger sister isolates herself in a secluded motel, Caitlin takes it upon herself to plan an intervention.  But as day turns to night and her sister’s paranoia takes hold, the world she describes to Caitlin begins to seem almost plausible.  


A story about sibling rivalry and intimacy, and the seismic waves mental illness can affect on family, MOTEL plumbs these very real emotional depths and at the same time toys with the genre conventions of psychological horror. Expectations are manipulated in a suspenseful narrative that features only two women, in carefully sketched roles that explore the contagion of fear and the precarious nature of reality.

Writer & director Eric Ogden knows this terrain on a personal level. Having grown up around severe mental illness, he witnessed firsthand the profound destabilizing force it has, not only for the afflicted, but for the loved ones who witness and live in relation to the illness, often for years.

It‘s a story he has wanted to tell for a long time, but it seemed daunting. Ogden wanted to do the subject justice, and not turn the fragile emotional terrain into pure entertainment. But he also did not want to make a film that would be plain and diagnostic. He wanted to tell a story that was personal but would also play on universal fears; the loss of family, of love and connection, and the isolation of illness.

There was a story here that needed telling, and it felt timely: with the very real social, global, and environmental anxieties that currently terrorize our world. For some of us, even in good heath, these fears grow inside our worried minds until we can begin to question what is truly real.


festival SCREENING / tech specs

Genre: Live action short, narrative drama

Original Format: Arri-Alexa Mini 4K

TRT: 26:30 / Color / Digital / Stereo / {16:9} 1:78 / English


 Written & Directed By

Eric Ogden


Tamber Johnson & Eric Ogden


Nolan Jennings


Santiago Gonzalez III

Production Designer

Chelsea Maruskin


Stan Rapoport



Script Supervisor

Meg Delcher

Makeup and Hair Artist

Claudia Lake

Location Sound Mixer

Mike Gassert

Movi Operator

Christopher J Aran

1st Assistant Camera

Carolyn Pender

DIT & Dailies Colorist

Joe Belack


Jason Beasley

Key Grip & Dolly Grip

Jason T O’Neal


Melih Aydin

Still Photographer

Christophe Randall

Digital Colorist

Kath Raisch, Company 3

VFX / Flame Artist

Derrick Yuen, Velem NY

Post Supervisor

James Demetri, Velem NY

Sound Design & Foley Artis

Jason Trammell

Sound Design & Sound Mix

Stefano Campello, Heard City

Music recorded by Stan Rapoport

Title & End Credits designed by

Eric Ogden & Nolan Jennings

Insurance: Taylor & Taylor

Camera & Support: Milk Digital

Digital Station: Joe Belack

Lenses: TCS

Dolly: That Cat

Grip & Lighting Equipment: 3 Phase Lighting

EPK template: StudioBinder